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We offer customers a comprehensive system of design office services associated with product development or modernization. We have a solution for every phase of your project, regardless of the stage of implementation. We use state-of-the-art elements to develop and verify the functionality of the prototype.

Since 2019, we have been cooperating in the development of ŠKODA AUTO. We are part of a team that worked on the development of a new car for the Indian market. We are glad that ŠKODA AUTO used our possibilities and development capacities for development even at the beginning of the development of SCALA / KAMIQ and FABIA cars.

Parts of the development were cooperated and consulted with universities, mostly with the CTU University in Prague, and we are glad that thanks to the joint efforts we were able to submit professionally and well-done work and be proud of it.



As we are not indifferent to the ecology and state of the environment of our planet, we decided, together with Mr. Džiuba, to develop a device for home use that would compress plastic waste into the smallest possible space without the use of any electricity.

We are excited that the result of two years of research is a very nicely designed device. The equipment should go on sale this year and we believe it will be a huge success.

All prototype and test parts were made on our 3D printers.


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