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We operate in six sectors of industrial automation and mechanical engineering. We can invent, manufacture, revive and service machines:


- Industrial automation -

We design industrial automation technology from a single-purpose machine to automatic production lines. We design innovative and practical solutions for specific processes and products. We draw in the current version of the most modern construction system, we solve electrical engineering design in the ePLAN tool. We work with global suppliers of state-of-the-art components. We will personally install and revive the machines directly in the customer's production plant.


- Engineering -

We offer customers a comprehensive system of design office services associated with product development or modernization. We have a solution for every phase of your project, regardless of the stage of implementation. We use state-of-the-art elements to develop and verify the functionality of the prototype.


- PLC Programming -

We have a well-coordinated team of programmers with experience in PLC and PC programming, which will ensure programming and revitalization of systems. Our systems are reliable and also open to future expansion and modification. You will be ready and any reconstruction or expansion will be much less time and money consuming. We are able to connect our systems to superior production systems and ensure data flows between the superior system and the machine. We can also supply superior systems for quality monitoring and production management directly implemented in the lines.

Our domain is the automotive sector, but we also have experience in the food, energy, chemical and mechanical engineering industries. We can implement a tailor-made project.


- Steel structures and machines for heavy industry -

We design and manufacture steel structures for heavy industry and robotic lines. We can cooperate in the production of large weldments, parts made of laser, plasma or water jet. We supply all metal products in any surface treatment, whether it is zinc or Komaxit coating according to the RAL swatch.


- CNC and 3D printing -

According to your 3D data or drawing, we are able to produce any rotating parts for lathes or milled parts on CNC machines. If you do not have drawings or 3D models for your parts, nothing happens, we are able to use reverse engineering to distort the part or modernize or modify it and then produce it. We also offer 3D printing on our 3D printers.


- Sales of spare parts for industry -

Since the beginning of 2021, we have continued our cooperation with the company BOHEMIA SEAL sro, which deals with the supply and sale of spare parts for industry. The advantage of cooperation with the company BOHEMIA SEAL sro is mainly the speed of delivery, guaranteed quality and technical assistance in selecting the range in the sector:


- Ribbed, V-belts and toothed belts

- Retaining rings and silent blocks

- Rubber hoses, O-rings and X-rings

- Pulleys and sprockets

- Roller and link chains

- Die-cut seals and cord seals

- Compensation and control technology

- Clamping and securing techniques

- Hydraulic and pneumatic seals

- Rolling and plain bearings




CONTACT US s.r.o. - Bezručova 605, Mělník 276 01

ID: 095 67 623, VAT: CZ 095 67 623

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Managing director

+420 607 060 054



Administration and acounting

+420 731 526 262


HOTLINE: (servis, etc..):

+420 607 060 077 s.r.o.

Head office: Lhotka 111, 277 31 Velký Borek


Company ID: 095 67 623

VAT No .: CZ095 67 623

Data box: fgsmjrc

BANK: Fio banka a.s.

Account No .: 2501878902/2010


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